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Long Point Centre
Long Point Lighthouse

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Long Point Centre is located on the scenic site of  Long Point Lighthouse perched 300 feet above the sea in  Twillingate, Newfoundland. 
The Long Point Lighthouse, built in 1876,  has been one of the biggest tourist destinations for decades.  The Long Point Centre offers visitors an opportunity to glimpse into the history of Newfoundlanders and discover why we have lived in harmony with the sea and surrounding nature through generations. Our visual exhibits ensure an understanding of why we have a sense of achievement and identity from traditional hunting, trapping, and fishing pursuits. 
Every year, thousands of visitors are amazed at the panoramic ocean view before them where they may experience the sight of sea birds, whales, seals, or icebergs. 
Depending upon the weather, visitors  may hear the mournful groan of the fog horn or feel the stinging easterly winds against their faces; on brighter days some may stroll along the meandering groomed trails or, for the more adventuresome, hike the cliff trails to Sleepy Cove while inhaling the bracing, salty air.

Long Point Centre

The Troake Private Collection is priceless and can never be duplicated. It is considered one of the largest private collections of Newfoundland artifacts and memorabilia. 
Sailors, fisherpeople, sealers, light-keepers, home-makers and others have played a major role in our history.  The exhibit demonstrated Newfoundlanders transition from forest dwellers to modern day.
Fish, mussels, lobsters, seals, whales and other creatures of the sea have played in important part in the Centre by means of photographs with breed and specie information cards and posters. We haven't forgotten the importance of birds and plants to our culture and have photographs and informational material placed strategically in the building.


Feature Artist
Val Blake of Twillingate

Through the Mist
19" x 24" acrylic on slate (sold)

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Long Point Centre is privately owned and operated.
P.O. Box 129, Twillingate, Newfoundland, A0G 4M0 Canada