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The Town of Twillingate is steeped in history. In spring time the Labrador current carries icebergs down the coast announcing the arrival of Humpback whales, porpoises, and puffins.

Here are a few interesting facts about Twillingate:

  • 1738, 12 families spend the winter in Twillingate.
  • 1750 (ca) John Slade of Poole becomes involved in the fishery at Twillingate, and soon establishes a significant commercial presence.
  • 1750s (ca), St. Peter's Anglican Church is constructed. One of the oldest wooden churches in North America.
  • 1798, Population of Twillingate and area is 400.
  • 1799, The first clergyman arrives, Rev. John Jones.
  • 1829, The first permanent school is established.
  • 1818, Demasduit or Mary March is captured and brought to Twillingate.
  • 1867, Georgina Stirling (d. 1935) is born. As Marie Toulinguet she becomes one of the world's most well known opera singers, performing in Milan, Paris and around the world.
  • 1876, Long Point Lighthouse is built.
  • 1884, Population of Twillingate peaks at 3694, with more than 1500 Twillingate men employed in the Labrador fishery; Twillingate Sun is first published.
  • late 1800s, Twillingate is known as the "Capital of the North".
  • 1894, Newfoundland Bank Crash severely slows Twillingate's economy.
  • 1924, Notre Dame Bay Memorial Hospital opens in Twillingate, becoming the only hospital at the time between St. Anthony and St. John's.
  • 1932, Dr. John McKee Olds arrives and in 1934 becomes medical superintendent and chief surgeon. He begins a long and distinguished medical career in Twillingate until the 1970s.
  • 1973 Walter B. Elliot causeway built linking Twillingate Island to mainland Newfoundland.
  • Queen Victoria's Profile
    The sea carved the image into the cliff.

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