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Long Point Centre
Our Exhibits
Here is just a small sampling of what you will see at the Centre.

Ships and Maps

Scaled down models of sea-going vessels; fishing gear; tools; and implements are arranged on our walls.

Learn about ships sunk off our coast and in the harbour.

Marine History

Natural History Exhibit
Fish, mussels, sharks, and fish all play an important part in our display.
Shark's teeth to whale bones
Preserved creatures from the sea

Collectible Exhibit

- approximately  500 bottles, cans and containers - in 1986 this collection placed third best in Atlantic Canada;

- extensive video footage starting in 1930;

- family album photographs;

- books, postcards;

- navigational charts;

- paintings;

- schooner plans;

- maps;

- oil lamps;

- folk art;

- artifacts from salt shovels to a ship's bill from the Christmas Seal.

Our Visual Interpretive Exhibits
are enhanced by an extensive offering
of local artisan's handiwork.

Captain Peter Troake, on the Christmas Seal
Battling tuberculosis on our remote coasts


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Long Point Centre is privately owned and operated.
P.O. Box 129, Twillingate, NL  A0G 4M0  Canada